Colour Correction: Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Shade

Colour Correction: Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Shade

Why correction is more essential than concealing

The art of colour correction is usually overlooked, however most experienced makeup artists understand that most skin types have particular areas that require various shades of makeup to even out the skin tone.
Whether you want to conceal red skin, hide dark circles or simply brighten key areas, Makeup London Academy has the perfect solution with our new Corrector Quad.

Our multi-functional compacts have all the shades necessary to fit your skin needs. The small compact can be carried around with you and prevents the need of buying individual correctors in different shades, therefore is much more cost effective!

The exciting new Corrector Quads come with four colours in each palette.


Choosing the right colour:

• Yellow – Cancels out purple undertones seen in under-eye dark circles.

• Mint – Conceals redness that may be caused by blemishes, acne or Rosacea.

• Pink – Good for fair skin. Also used to hide dark circles.

• Lavender – Opposes the yellow tones present in sallow skin and can be used to illuminate.

• Light brown – Better for olive or darker skin tones. Can be used to hide freckles, sunspots and scars or alternatively can be used for contouring.

• Dark Brown – Can also be used for contouring or hiding blemishes on darker skin tones.


The Makeup London Academy Corrector Quad is designed for use under makeup so remember to apply your normal concealer, tinted moisturiser or foundation over these colours!


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