3 Hour Highlighting & Contouring Class

3 Hour Highlighting & Contouring Class

Highlighting & Contouring Class


This class concentrates on the art of contouring. You will discover how to alter different face shapes, create cheekbones and contour lips and eyes.


The course is split into two parts, an hour and half tutorial, followed by a practice workshop – where you will get the practice how to sculpt the face with highlighting and contouring techniques.


You will also have access to a variety of top beauty brands including, MAC, Illamasqua , e.l.f, MLA and more.

Class Highlights


Learning how to alter various face shapes. Learning when to use the right primers and the uses of liquid, powdered and creme foundations. How to highlight parts of the face for a more flattering look. The difference between strobing and contouring.


Class Breakdown


  • You will also be contouring for eyes and lips and carefully assessing when contouring is required.
  • How to master the famous blending technique
  • How to mix eyeshadow colours and textures
  • Methods for fast makeup application
  • You will understand how light affects the shape of the face contouring for dramatic effects.
  • Skin care and preparation
  • Creating a Perfect Base
  • Techniques for long lasting make-up

Students have continued to do further advance courses with MLA where they have worked with us at prestigious events like Cosmopolitans Fashion Fest and Birmingham International Fashion Week.


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